Our Story

A Bit About Ourselves

We are David and Tamara Janowski and although we're new to this area, we are not new to grooming or handling dogs. We have many years of experience running rescues, fostering dogs, showing and breeding Persian cats and are also the owners of show-quality cockers spaniels that make their way around the Southern Circuit. We have been grooming since 2006, opening our first salon in 2009, another in 2015 in the Milwaukee area and we have finally made it to our favorite state, Florida. We're excited to be here!

What to Expect in our Salon

We take our job and your pets very seriously and offer a professional approach to everything that we do. We are not a kennel-free salon as we feel that has the potential of putting your pet in possible danger and we like to offer you a fresh and clean friend upon pick up. 

We have been using Show Seasons shampoos and products for over 10 years and have always experienced great results with this product line. Please ask us for a catalog if you'd like to order from them for home use.


We schedule pets on the hour and give you a 3 hour pick-up time. This keeps us working steadily throughout the day and your pet does not have to stay with us all day long. We prefer this type of scheduling and if you're going to be late dropping off or picking up, we ask that you notify us when scheduling  so we can make accomodations for you.