What if my dog/cat has fleas?

Please let us know when making your appointment. We will advise you to purchase Capstar and administer it before you come in. Please do not tell us this as an afterthought. 

Will you shave my Lab/Pug/Bulldog, etc?

We're not comfortable doing this, particularly in the Florida heat/sun/bugs, etc. If you're asking us to do this because of shedding, we will explain to you our bathing process and how that alone eliminates a lot of dead hair. We'll also recommend proper grooming tools for you to care for your pet at home.

My dog is pelted everywhere, can you just brush it out and keep it long?

Most likely, no. If you have a dog that is pelted everywhere, it's extremely uncomfortable for us to dematt your pet and try to save that coat. We will explain to you that we're going to have to shave it down and you can start growing the coat out again. It's hair, it will grow. We'll also encourage you to get on a regular grooming schedule. 

Why do you crate pets, my other groomer let them all run around and play?

We understand that may be something you're used to at previous salons, but it is our firm belief that in letting your pet run around and play with other dogs while we're busy working on other animals, answering phones, greeting clients at the door, etc. is opening up the possibility that your pet may be stepped on, get into a fight with another pet, get loose, and mark our walls and furniture up along with lifting it's leg on other dogs (it happens). Community water bowls are also a perfect place to pass along the canine papilloma virus. We don't feel it's a safe environment and we take the safety and cleanliness of your pet very seriously. 

What if you cut or injure my pet?

Regrettably, this can happen. We're dealing with live animals and sharp instruments. We do everything we can to work in a safe manner, but sometimes things happen. If an injury does occur, we will advise you to take your pet to one of our preferred veterinary clinics and we will handle the bill that applies to our work.